Microsoft Layout is a Mixed Reality tool that helps you design with holograms a physical space or virtual space. It is great for reviewing and visualizing your designs in context.

In order to bring your 3D models into our app, you have to use our Import Tool. I was the main UX and UI designer for this. We used the Simplygon service in order to simplify the model. 

Our user is someone who does not have 3D knowledge. The user can see the model with our 3D viewer, rename, delete, select a new thumbnail image, select dimensions, and the anchor surface. It is very simple to use. The user can transfer the simplified models to the HoloLens by connecting the HoloLens via usb cable to the computer. The user can send the selected models to the HoloLens with a simple click. They will automatically appear on the Microsoft Layout menu in their Mixed reality devices.



Due to the nature and constraints of the project, we developed an agile process in which I collaborated with multiple disciplines including backend service engineers, front end engineers, user researchers, and project manager.

I  am also involved with the customer engagement part. I conduct contextual inquiry as well as onboarding our users and understanding their pain points.



I was able to create quick wireframes and prototypes using Adobe XD. I sent it to our research team, who created various usability tests. I gathered that feedback and revised accordingly.

I delivered a deck with the visual designs and process to the developers and content writers. The deck actually helped leadership to tell the story for the import tool to our high-level stakeholders.