I worked as a Lead UX Designer for a pharmaceutical company in México. The concept was to allow a user to order and get home delivery of their prescription drugs online. It got some complexity by thinking how the user needs to turn in their prescription and who can receive the drugs. Also, considering that in México, most people use SMS and whatsapp for contacting customer service, how to incorporate that into the app. 



I collaborated with my client frequently to know the technical considerations. I started by creating a flow map of the application. Afterwards, I created the IA and nailing down the content. After being aligned with my client, I started to do wireframes for mobile. Then desktop, once the flow was approved. I created my wireframes in Sketch. 

My role

I was hired for the UX of the project. I collaborated with the CEO of the company , my client, to deliver the best design solution.  I created an indesign deck explaining my strategy and the IA map flow. I later exported my wireframes into a prototype using InVision, both desktop and mobile. I was able to show the prototype to my client, and the client to present to the prototype to the branding agency.